Omnitech Students

Why PWC Training?

PWC Training has been a testing and training provider for over ten years. Our focus on hospitality and technology has led to us becoming a training partner with Cisco, CompTIA, and Microsoft. As a student, you will know that you are receiving the best training possible to advance in your new career.

What programs do PWC Training offer?

Our Information Technology program is closely aligned with the Omnitech Networking Program. Based upon completed coursework, you will complete the rest of your remaining courses to receive your diploma. WE will be completing programming for all Cybersecurity and Digital Media Arts students.

Omnitech Course PWC Training Course
Introduction to Computers Introduction to Computers
A+ Hardware Tech/Core/
Operating Systems (OS)
CompTIA A+
Windows I Desktop OS CompTIA A+
Windows Desktop OS (II)
CompTIA A+
Cisco I CCNA Cisco CCNA or CompTIA Security+
CCNA Security Cisco CCNA or CompTIA Security+
Network + CompTIA Network+
Network Security CompTIA Network+
Linux I Linux+
Linux II Linux+

How much is the cost to complete my program?

There will be no out of pocket expense through GNPEC.

When do classes begin?

Classes start every month.

For More information, please fill out the form below or call 770-693-1382 to be connected with an Omnitech Student Transfer Specialist

Which program were you enrolled in?
For course placement, please let us know what courses have already been completed.
Please feel free to let us know any additional information.