ManageFirst: Hospitality Accounting

Program Name: ManageFirst: Hospitality Accounting
Program Duration: 1 Day or 4 Class Sessions (8 hours)
Program Location: PWC Hospitality Training Facility
Program Cost: $199 including book and exam

This class focuses on Hospitality Accounting topics. It includes essential content plus learning activities, case studies, professional profiles, research topics and more that support course objectives.   The text and exam are part of the ManageFirst Program® from the National Restaurant Association (NRA). This edition is created to teach restaurant and hospitality students the core competencies of the Ten Pillars of Restaurant Management. The Ten Pillars of Restaurant Management is a job task analysis created with the input and validation of the industry that clearly indicates what a restaurant management professional must know in order to effectively and efficiently run a safe and profitable operation. The ManageFirst Program training program is based on a set of competencies defined by the restaurant, hospitality and foodservice industry as those needed for success.