DSST Testing

If experience is the world’s greatest teacher, then your experiences may well qualify you for college credit. The nationally recognized DSST Credit-by-Exam Program gives students the opportunity to get college credit for learning acquired outside the traditional classroom.  With more than 30 exam titles in college subject areas such as Social Sciences, Math, Applied Technology, Business, Physical Sciences, and Humanities, DSST  exams shorten the pathway to graduation while reducing college costs.

Prior learning assessment tools like DSST Exams offer students a cost-effective, time-saving way to use knowledge acquired outside of the classroom (from personal research, on-the-job training, independent study, work or military field experience) to accomplish their educational goals.

Over 1,500 colleges and universities recognize the DSST program and award college credit for passing scores. Colleges, universities and corporations throughout the United States and in some other countries administer tests year-round.

The cost for each DSST exam is $85 plus the Administrative fee of $20 which brings the total to $105.00

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